Tasting notes: Cherry, Citrus, Cacao


Ricardo Tavares
Chapadas de Minas
1000 meters
-17.673333 / -42.054300
30 Kg QualiPak
Yellow Catuaí
July - September
Continental Terminals SC, Continental Terminals NJ, EBL Los Angeles, Schwarze Hamburg

Farm Info

Following his father’s footsteps, producer Ricardo Tavares has dedicated his life to the coffee industry. As an innovator, he promotes and supports new coffee practices. Ricardo’s father began in the roasted coffee industry, delivery products to meet the demands of Brazil’s domestic coffee consumption.

It was always Ricardo’s dream to own and operate coffee farms, and Primavera is the ultimate fulfillment of that goal, being not just a coffee farm but a regional exemplar of the possibility of specialty coffee production in Brazil.

Fazenda Primavera is located in the municipality of Angelândia, Minas Gerais. The farm altitude is between 1000 to 1050 meters above sea level, which promotes the cultivation of specialty coffee. Furthermore, the climate also provides favorable conditions with average temperatures between 20 and 24 °C annually and precipitation of 1,000 to 1,300 mm. Fazenda Primavera has state of the art installations including a 24,000 m² drying patio, 14 electric dryers, and equipment for processing fully washed coffees. The farm cultivates predominately Red and Yellow Catuaí (95%), but it has slowly been introducing new varieties such as Mundo Novo.

Social and environmental sustainability have always been integral to the farm’s operations. A power plant on the farm recycles water used in depulping to produce power and the coffee pulp is composted for use as natural fertilizer. Primavera’s team conducts outreach to neighboring farmers to share knowledge and best practices to help move the region of Angelandia and Chapada de Minas forward. Watch video of Primavera’s Agricultural Director, Leonardo Tavares, explaining what earned Fazenda Primavera the title of 3rd Most Sustainable Farm in Brazil.

This coffee is vertically integrated from the soil and silos of Primavera through the transport, export, and arrival in US and EU warehouses. Fazenda Primavera is part of the same family of businesses as Ally, meaning we know this coffee inside and out and can make annual adjustments to production and processing based on roaster and retailer feedback. Primavera’s agility in responding to new agricultural research and technology and to new trends in consumer preference is one of its main assets. For example, microlots are dried on raised beds, coffee is intercropped with shade trees on part of the property, and coffee is evaluated constantly to find the best cup profiles. Primavera is the future of Brazil specialty coffee!

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