Your Ally In Education

Ally Coffee is dedicated to providing the education and credentialing for coffee professionals through SCA, CQI and other independent or customized programs.

Offering beginner to advanced coursework in espresso, milk steaming, drink preparation, equipment and methodologies, classwork is designed and endorsed by the Barista Guilds of America and Europe. SCA Credential.

Delivering beginner to advanced coursework in brewing, extraction, grinding, brew methods and analysis, this blend of best practices was created through a collaboration of dozens of brewing professionals from around the world. SCA Credential.

Analyzing coffees objectively with confidence to make valuable decisions for green coffee buying and roasted coffee products, participants practice the discipline of sensory analysis and cupping with expert coffee tasters and quality control professionals. SCA Credential.

Providing an overview of the supply chain, coffee market, inventory control and purchase planning with specific details that impact coffee quality and a company’s bottom line, this lecture series provides key information to roaster-buyers for real-world decisions. SCA Credential.

Recognizing and preventing food safety hazards, understanding FSMA requirements, preventing risk of contamination, implementing operational prerequisite programs, understanding the scope of Foreign Supplier requirements and planning for certification in a GFSI system are all part of this program that grants PCQI status.

The industry’s most recognized credential for assessing specialty coffee, the course is six days of calibration exercises with twenty individual tests that must be passed in order to qualify for certification. CQI Certification.

Exploring the science, craft and business of roasting in depth with instructors who are roasters and have run roasting operations, classes have been designed and endorsed by Roasters Guild members and certified trainers from around the globe. SCA Credential.