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I used SCAA above, because I specifically mean the old curricula ("Heritage") for the different Pathways.

This week the Ally Coffee US specialty team convened in Greenville, South Carolina.

Ally Hosts US CoffeeChamps Southern Preliminaries in South Carolina.

Before we headed back to our homes in Brazil (and New York) we concluded the trip by visiting two of Bogota’s most lauded specialty coffee cafes to taste more of the coffee we had been seeing on the farms.

The second day of the producer to producer exchange trip began on Jose’s farm, Finca El Paraiso, which Honey processes most of its coffee.

In mid May Ally led a producer to producer exchange trip with a group involved in coffee farming in Brazil to visit our Colombian producer partners in Nariño.

Finca El Mirador is located in the tiny town of Picuma, in the Suaza municipality of Huila, one of Colombia's southern departments. The farm is co owned by Jose Jaidir Losada and Kyle Bellinger.

Ally Coffee is excited to participate in the 2nd annual New York Coffee Festival! Friday, September 16th – Sunday, September 18th come find us at booth V12a in the Innovation Village.

Often, good things only get better when combined together. Our Kenya AB Black Currant is an excellent example of how excellent coffees improve when they are combined to create a dynamic flavor profile.

Last week Ally Coffee hosted an interactive farm tour and blind cold brew tasting competition at the one-acre rooftop urban farm Brooklyn Grange in Long Island City, Queens.