Farm info

Part of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Hunkute is a well-respected and impeccably run cooperative. Made up of close to 1000 member-farmers, lots of coffees brought to Hunkute are grown in the typical Sidamo “garden style” with small holdings for each farmer and low planting densities. Hunkute has two separate washing stations to keep the lower elevation cherries separated from the higher elevation lots. Washed coffees are typically fermented for around 30 hours, while Natural coffees are dried for an average of two weeks. Coffees brought to Hunkute are grown from 1800-2200 meters above sea level and exhibit the typical berry and chocolate profile that has made Sidamo coffees famous.



Sidamo (also transliterated as Sidama) is a region, a tribal group, and a massive coffee producing agricultural area that encompasses smaller growing regions such as Yirgacheffe and Guji. However, coffees that are labeled as “Sidamo” are typically sourced to the northwest of Yirgacheffe, and usually come from one of the large co-ops in the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. There are 51 co-ops in the Union, and many have created well deserved reputations for consistency over years of production. These large co-ops often represent thousands of farmers, and cup profiles from Sidamo can be widely varied.