A re-enforcement of our actions throughout the supply chain with an emphasis on coffee producing countries and our partners at origin
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We are proud to share the Onward: Sustainability Policy of Grupo Montesanto Tavares (GMT), our parent company. In this collaborative effort, we have worked with our sister companies in GMT to formalize the commitments that have always guided our sustainability activities. This policy, named Onward, is a re-enforcement of our actions throughout the supply chain with an emphasis on coffee producing countries and our partners at origin.

We began the process of formalizing this policy in August 2020, working alongside our colleagues from Atlantica Coffee and Cafebras in order to develop a policy that encompasses the complexity of Grupo Montesanto Tavares and the broader coffee industry. The result is a policy that looks both outward and inward, encompassing the complete supply chain from coffee production to the delivery of green coffee to our clients. This journey throughout the supply chain contains many challenges to sustainability, and these challenges cannot be immediately or simply overcome. Instead, we recognize that sustainability requires long-term vision and commitment, inspiring us to create this policy as a living document which will guide the actions and decision-making of all of GMT’s members for decades to come.

Our Sustainability Policy details the scope and commitments chosen by ourselves and our colleagues, including three general commitments and 17 specific commitments that will continue to guide our decision-making. These commitments and the greater policy are based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the United Nations, with our working group selecting the eight SDGs which best reflect the needs of people throughout our industry.

Read our Full Sustainability Policy 

With the desire to recognize and remunerate our producers, develop the supply chain, and connect production to consumption GMT GREEN was developed. Aware of the challenges faced by producers, we understand that we could and should support a change in the sector, a change that would bring benefits to everyone involved in our business. Because, by improving working conditions, land management, and relationships with the community, we will be improving our chain and, increasingly, enhancing shared value.

GMT GREEN aims to develop the producers who work with us, sharing best practices and encouraging continuous improvement of their processes. We evaluate the practices used point by point and, with this, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement in the properties, allowing each person to evolve individually.

In addition to promoting the evolution of good practices in the coffee production market in Brazil, the program will support the improvement of the traceability of our suppliers.

Founded in 2010 by GMT, Instituto Café Solidário has promoted the inclusion and social development of underprivileged youth in Buritizeiro, MG, Brazil. This project focuses on their cultural development through education, art, culture, and workshopsportion of GMT Trading (Atlantica, Cafebras, and Ally Coffee) profits are given back to this program to support offering classes in dance, music, martial arts, information technology, and a number of other subjects outside the children’s normal school hours.