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Ally’s Core Coffee program features green coffees which represent the classic profiles of some of the world’s best known coffee origins. Core Coffees—like Paubrasil from Brazil—are named for their respective origin’s national tree, celebrating the culture and the natural environment from which they came.

Paubrasil Washed offers a cup profile celebrating Washed process coffees from Brazil. While Brazilian coffee is most commonly associated with Natural and Pulped Natural post-harvest processes, Paubrasil Washed offers a clean, sweet, and pleasant cup, with milder flavors and more delicate body than its counterparts.

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Chapada de Minas and Oeste Baiano

Chapada de Minas

The Chapada de Minas is a small and beautiful region with stunning topography shaped by plateaus and river canyons. The flatter plateau areas promoted the mechanization of the region’s coffee plantations. Coffee cultivation began in the 1870’s, which brought significant economic benefit to the region by increasing employment opportunities. Among all coffee regions, this area is the most important for small producers and is essential to the local economy.

Most of the coffees from Chapada de Minas are Natural processed, but Washed coffee processing is growing and has become a very interesting alternative for small and large producers.

Oeste Baiano

Western Bahia state is a relatively new region for coffee production, with cultivation here beginning only around a decade ago. Business agriculture in the area is primarily defined by large farms using newer technologies to grow crops in the dry climate and sandy soil of the region. The main producing cities here are Barreiras, Luís Eduardo Magalhães, and São Desidério.

Coffee production here developed quickly, now spanning 13 thousand hectares and producing approximately 500 thousand bags per year. Farms rely on modern irrigation techniques to overcome the climatic elements, including central pivot irrigation which works by irrigating circular areas around a singular axis.