Farm info

Karen and Jose Gomez run the Cooperativa Cafes Especiales in Buesaco, the cooperative that builds several community lots and microlots Ally sources from Nariño. Villa Luciana is named for Karen and Jose’s daughter Luciana. This is the farm’s first crop of Gesha, which was given to Karen’ family by Pablo Andres Guerrero of Hacienda El Obraje.

Villa Luciana is just twenty minutes outside of the town of Buesaco, past the Buesaquito “barrio” or suburbs. Karen’s family has over fifty members, some working as professionals in different parts of Colombia with families and kids, while others remain where the family’s roots are, in the mountains between Buesaco and the city of Pasto, the capital of the Nariño department. Karen’s father, Hermes Chávez, is a retired livestock trader, known as a “ganadero.” His six brothers have also devoted the greatest part of their lives to the argoindustry: grains, plants, vegetables and coffee.



Nariño is one of Colombia’s 32 Departments. It shares a southern border with Ecuador and is home to thousands of smallholder coffee producing families. Colombia’s three ranges of Andean mountains converge in Nariño, presenting ideal altitudes and fertile soil for high grown Arabica production.

Nariño’s particular geography and proximity to coastal and land borders have historically transformed it into corridor for illicit trade routes, resulting in unwarranted violence against residents of remote mountain farms. Today, thanks to the particularly resilient and fearless spirit of Nariño’s farmers, the small region is a respected nucleus of coffee innovation.