Farm info

Finca Morales is located in the town of Nuevo Belen in the Amazonas coffee region of Peru. The farm is cultivated by Roiber Becerra, who has worked this land with passion and dedication for several years. The 4 hectare property is planted with Marshell, Gesha, and Catuai varieties, all grown betweeen 1600–1750 meters above sea level.

Roiber is a member of the Norcafé cooperative, a group which was established in 2015 with a goal to promote continuous improvement of quality and to create opportunities for smallholder coffee growers. The co-op began with 100 member families, and has since grown to include 334 men and 145 women producers working on nearly 1200 hectares of land throughout the Amazonas and Cajamarca coffee regions. Member producers have already shown great dedication and skill in producing high quality lots, which is also demonstrated with four individual member producers—including Roiber—earning a place in Peru’s Cup of Excellence between 2018 and 2020.

This lot of coffee underwent Washed processing. Cherries were handpicked to ensure ripeness before being pulped on the day of harvest. The pulped coffee was fermented for 48 hours before being washed. The washed coffee was dried for approximately 16 days in solar dryers.



The Amazonas region of Peru borders the regions of Cajamarca, Loreto, and Ecuador to the north. Amazonas has a diversity of microclimates and a great diversity of production. Ocumal is one of the districts located in the valleys with ideal microclimates for the production of high altitude coffees.

Coffee production in Amazonas is carried out on small farms located on small plots of land. The producers harvest and process the coffee (pulping, fermenting, washing and drying) independently. The cooperatives mainly perform storage, warehousing, and commercialization functions, and are constantly seeking investments to build their own infrastructure closer to the production areas and the lands of member coffee growers. Coffee exported from Amazonas leaves the Pacific port in the city of Paita in the Piura region.